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Painted Space



Speed: 30 MPH
Range: 40 Miles
Seats: One
Capacity: 250 LBS

Stand up and explore on this fast and fun scooter. Be in control with the double handle and comfortable ride of the ERYD kick scooter. 

These scooters go upward of 30 MPH on
optional sport mode and has a 40 mile range.


Speed: 40 MPH
Range: 30 Miles
Seats: One
Capacity: 250 LBS

The fat tire is the ultimate bike style RYD, cruise in a seated position as you navigate the concrete jungle of houston.

Fat tires are the ultimate cruiser with speeds up to 25 MPH with a range of 30 miles.


Speed: 45 MPH
Range:30 Miles
Seats: Two
Capacity: 450 LBS

The fat tire trike is the perfect RYD for someone who wants to ride with a friend, add a friend and hold on while you both RYD on this no balance necessary cruiser.

Pull the throttle back and take off upward of 45 MPH w
ith a 30 mile range.



Choose the Scooter Rental That's Right For You in Houston

Stop searching and start riding! Choose the most reputable scooter rental in Houston, TX with ERYD!

Looking for a reliable way to explore the streets of Houston, TX? With our fun approach to scooter rentals in Houston, TX, you can find the perfect rental and get out on the open road in no time.

It's important to pick the rental company with the right scooters for your needs. Do some research, read reviews and get recommendations from friends who have had good experiences renting scooters in Houston. Consider which features are most important to you like top speed, range, reliability and support when choosing a rental company. Once you've done your research, we are confident that you will decide on ERYD Houston Scooter Rentals! Contact us today to get your RYD on!

Born out of a passion for exploration and a love for Houston, ERYD is the largest micro mobility rental provider in Houston. Our Homebase is located in EADO on Lamar Street across from Chapman and Kirby. Look out for the Bored Apes graffiti art out front!

We have Outpost locations in Downtown across from the Toyota Center. Pick either of these great locations to start off from and begin your exploration of Houston today! We are open Monday-Thursday from 12pm -2am and Friday-Sunday 10am-2am!

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